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Route Sierra Juarez


Discover the natural heritage of the world


Santa Catarina Ixtepeji

Experiences with nature that you will never forget.

Benito Juárez

Horse, bicycle or walking tour.

La Nevería

Rest on a small valley between mountains.

Santa Martha Latuvi

Be enlightened by its fantastic mountainous landscape.

San Antonio Cuajimoloyas

Discover magnificent natural landscapes.

San Isidro Llano Grande

Surprise yourself with its majestic forests.

San Miguel Amatlán

Picturesque town surrounded bye beautiful landscapes.

Santa Catarina Lachatao

Walk its paths that meander between streams.

Guelatao de Juárez

Visit the Enchanted Lagoon and the museum that shows the work of Juarez.

Ixtlán de Juárez

Enjoy its natural and cultural resources.

Capulálpam de Méndez

It is one of the best preserved natural areas in Mexico. The first magic town in the state of Oaxaca.

Santa María Yavesía

Admire its millenary forests beautifully preserved.

San Juan Atepec

Know the mesophilic forest through its trails.



The Sierra Juarez is one of the most representative areas of Oaxaca for its social organization, life ways, traditions and communitarian enterprises development.

Its biodiversity is one of the most preserved in the state; has more than 400 bird species and 350 of butterflies, which can be observed in their own ecosystem.

In the tours along its trails, enjoy activities as zip line, mountain biking, rappel, scaling, traditional medicine, flora and fauna observation and agro-tourism. All supported by community guides and excellent tourist services.



In the nearest point to the city of Oaxaca of this route, enjoy the beauty and peaceful of this extraordinary site.


  • La Cumbre.
  • La Cascada.
  • Ixtepeji-Las Ánimas


Venture into this unique community, pioneer of the ecotourism in the region! Visit the area of the pines with pine trees over 300 years old and up to 30 meters high.


  • El Mirador.
  • Piedra Larga.
  • Las Cascadas (en temporada de lluvia).
  • Puente colgante.
  • Circuito de tres tirolesas.


  • Ruta agroturismo.


Know the wells where the ice that was distributed in the city of Oaxaca was formerly manufactured and visit a beautiful waterfall. Taste dishes made with organic ingredients. From the field to your table!


  • Cultivo de hortalizas y flores.
  • Loma del Ocote.
  • Juegos de destreza aérea.


  • Plantas medicinales.
  • Histórico.
  • La cascada.


Enjoy its natural beauty and the hospitality of its inhabitants. During your visit know the process of making millenary beverages such as “pulque” and “tepache”. Enjoy a relaxing temazcal.


  • Cascada el Molcajete.
  • Cascada Cipriano Cabrera.
  • Camino Real.
  • El manzanal.


  • Agroturimo
  • La Cucharilla.


Discover the wide variety of wild mushrooms that can be found from May to September and savor the dishes prepared with them.


  • La tirolesa más larga del estado (1 km).
  • Cerro Yaa-Cuetzi.
  • El Cañón del Coyote.
  • Llano de Fraile.


  • Julio. Feria Regional de Hongos Silvestres.


Come and fall in love with Llano Grande! Discover the magic of its fit forest of marvel at a sunrise over 3,000 meters high.


  • El Peñasco.
  • La Sepultura.
  • Cascada el Pinabete.
  • Llano de Berro.
  • Mirador Amanecer.


Community surrounded by beautiful landscapes, natural treasures and interesting colonial remains. Ideal place for lovers of history and rural photography!  


  • El mirador Loosilache.
  • Cascada Loma Amarilla.
  • Mina la Soledad.
  • Río Santa Ana.
  • Mirador Peña Blanca.
  • Códices de Pueblos Mancomunados.


  • Las Ex Haciendas.
  • Los mineros.


In this community you can carry out nature tourism activities. Let yourself be seduced by its attractive vernacular architecture, cobblestone streets and its captivating natural and historical wealth.


  • Templo de Santa Catarina (siglo XVII).
  • Museo comunitario.
  • Ex Hacienda 5 señores.
  • El Cerro del Jaguar.


  • Sendero de la Virgen.
  • Agroturismo
  • La mina.


Guelatao offers its visitors various cultural and historical attractions; visit the library “Pensamiento Juarista” and the weekly organic market.

Cuna del Benemérito de las Américas.


  • Panteón municipal.
  • Museo Crónica de la “Obra de Juárez”.
  • La Laguna Encantada.
  • Replica de la casa de Benito Juárez.


Walk the ecotourism trails and live in a few kilometers the transition from the dry zone to the mesophilic forest and the medium forest.


  • Templo de Santo Tomás Apóstol (siglo XVI).
  • Casa del Gobernador Miguel Castro.
  • Mirador de los Pozuelos.
  • La Gruta del Arco.


  • Bosque mesófilo.
  • Cerro de Cuachirindoo.
  • Cerro del Tambor.
  • Bosque de bromelias.


Located in one of the best preserved natural areas in Mexico, this beautiful corner is framed by its architecture based on adobe and quarry.

It possesses the recognizing of magic town.

  • Febrero. Aniversario de nombramiento de Pueblo Mágico.


Admire its millenary forests beautifully preserved in one of the cleanest communities in the region.


  • Antiguo asentamiento Xiu Yubagu.
  • Templo del Siglo XVI.
  • Cascada Lotoa.
  • Piedra Ventana.
  • Piedra Larga.


Enjoy the beauty of this subalpine meadow cradled in the mountains, or simply enjoy the rest in a relaxing and beautiful environment.


  • Bosque mesófilo de montaña.
  • Cueva de los Ladrones.
  • Parque del Bicentenario.
  • Pozo Encantado.
  • Paraje de los Árboles Caprichosos.



  • Juárez.
  • Camino real.
  • Nacimiento del Papaloapan.
  • Ciclismo
  • La historia a través de los templos.
  • Medicina tradicional y agroturismo.
  • Turismo rural y agroturismo.
  • Arqueológico.
  • Circuito de sustentabilidad y bosque.


Currently, indigenous communities that live in the Sierra Juarez contribute to this region of the country a splendid cultural heritage, which manifests itself in a careful way of relating to nature.

People have a rational environmental knowledge, protection and conservation of their resources.


Let yourself be seduced by one of the regions with the greatest biodiversity in the world.



...and what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with a region that presumes its great biological richness.

It is known that the inhabitants feel overflowing with an incomparable warmth and joy, a joy that overwhelms their forests, plants, animals and streets.
Thousands of tourists from all over the world have left their joys, adventures and anecdotes in every corner of the Oaxacan mountain range.