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Playa Corralero


Playa Corralero is an extensive open-sea beach, with beautiful tones of golden sand; in most parts of the beach you can find strong and high waves, although there are calm areas, mainly in the zone of the breakwaters, where small beaches are formed, which is ideal for those who prefer gentle waves.

One of the main characteristics of the Sandbank of Corralero is that it is possible to swim easily from the shore as far out as 100 meters (almost 2/3 of a mile), because of the calm and shallow waters of the area.

The water of the lagoon has a blue turquoise color and as we toured around that shows us the perfect preservation and the richness of marine flora and fauna that live in its flow. You can enjoy the Sanctuary of Reproduction, located on a small island. It is a place of various birds such as purple pigeons, diving ducks; white, brown and whistling herons, pelicans and tijerilla male, among others.

Also, you can take a boat tour around the lagoon, on board the boats of the fishermen themselves, those who offer this service.

On its shores, to delight the visitor, there are various restaurants offering succulent dishes based on seafood, such as the famous “pescado a la talla” (fish grilled over coals, with chili sauce),

In addition to its exotic cuisine, among which we can cite the broth of iguana, the tacos of chicatana (ant), the tichindas in coloradito (small mussels in shell color purple that are caught in the lagoon of Corralejo), offer the visitors the chance to raise their experience to a level unmatched.

Also, you will find some cabins to rent.

Another of its attractions takes place from October through January, when it is possible to watch the whales in the course of their migration toward warmer waters in the south. Corralero Beach is located 8 km (5 mi) southeast of the town of Corralero. You can arrive at this beach from the town, by an unpaved road (passable in the dry season but not very recommendable during the rains).  The town of Corralero is 14 km (9 mi) south of Pinotepa Nacional.


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