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Oaxacan gastronomy is one of the cultural manifestations that identify and define the people of Oaxaca. Result of the fusion of the pre-Hispanic and European kitchens, this meeting of two gastronomic worlds made a special way to prepare food, giving rise to one of the most diverse and rich cuisines in Mexico.


The flavor of Oaxaca is tasted in every corner, in every region and in every kitchen; in its lands are cultivated and harvested grains, fruits, vegetables and exotic spices to cook its famous “moles”. Ritual drinks are made, such as the mezcal, the “tejate”, and sparkling chocolate. Breads are also baked and sweets are made to celebrate the living and dead.



7 moles

Any meal of Oaxaca would be incomplete without the “mole”, the king of the dishes. There are seven varieties that are the most recognized in the Oaxacan capital, since in the state there are many more varieties depending on the region.


The Mole, as rich in its mixtures and flavors as in its preparation, is no more than a thick sauce, in which some endemic chilies and spices predominate, depending on the latter is how its varieties are determined.


Some of the famous 7 moles, take their names for the predominant color range that  characterizes them: black is one of the most famous, made with the dried black chilies called “chilhuacles”; the coloradito, sweet and of intense red color; the almendrado, made with almonds, olives and capers; the verde, that takes its color for the number of fragrant herbs that compose it; the Amarillo, with its fine flavor of “hierba santa” and the combination of yellow chilies; the chichilo, with an exotic flavor due to the burnt tortilla with which is cooked, and finally the manchamanteles with its fresh fruits incorporated into a light mole sauce.


Traditional Cooks

With the strength and joy characteristic of the Oaxacan woman, the traditional cooks are a group of women passionate about cooking in sveral regions of Oaxaca, most of them senior, who have the purpose of spreading their traditions and gastronomy. Their essence lies in the ancestral tradition of preparing food, such as grinding with “metate” or stone mill, combined with the experience of knowledge of traditional flavors.


They are women who love what they do and have the intention to preserve the traditional flavor of Oaxaca, showing it to the world as part of their traditions and culture.



Recognized as the Oaxacan haute cuisine, it is an avant-garde cuisine, with the most creative and modern dishes with the personal touch of the chefs. The chefs take Oaxacan food as a base and give it a small twist, in their opinion, with a change of textures and shapes.


The signature cuisine can be enjoyed in various restaurants of the city of Oaxaca, with tasting menus or pairing experiences. It also represents the Oaxacan flavors, turning them into memorable experiences of unquestionable quality.


Great Chefs

The history of Oaxaca superimposes layers of flavors that are amalgamated in its ingredients and dishes, many of which would have disappeared long ago if it were not for the markets, authentic bastions of an invaluable heritage.


But not everyone can immerse themselves in markets without losing their senses in endless stimulus, only those heirs of a long tradition distinguish in the apparent chaos of smells, tastes, colors and names, the raw material to prepare the desired dishes. The chefs belong to this species, because they take the lived experiences to play Oaxacan flavors in a fun and modern way.