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Treasures of Mexico

LUXURY HERITAGE. Hotels and Restaurants in Oaxaca

Treasures of Mexico is the Premium program of the Ministry of Tourism, whose purpose is:

Promote the excellence of Hotels and Restaurants whose high standards of service, architectural and gastronomic characteristics, reflect and promote the richness of the Mexican Culture.

Hotels and restaurants with high levels of quality can participate in the service, with facilities that have been carefully rescued and restored by their owners, who have printed a modern touch while preserving the original essence.

The establishments that are part of the Treasures of Mexico Program are also guarantees of: Authenticity, Culture, Folklore, Art and Nature.

Its differentiating characteristics represent the main competitive advantage of the members of the Program.


Azul de Oaxaca Hotel + Galery

Boutique Hotel 

Hotel Azul Oaxaca is a different boutique hotel concept in the city of Oaxaca. It is a site that follows a contemporary line in its structure and style, and preserves the Oaxacan warmth by offering an atmosphere created in an artistic way, taken care of in the smallest detail.


Boutique Hotel Parador San Miguel Oaxaca

Boutique Hotel

Traditional boutique hotel, Parador San Miguel Oaxaca is home to the most diverse and distinctive collection of Oaxacan crafts; mix of past and present that will make you immerse yourself in the vibrant and unique city of Oaxaca.



Hacienda los Laureles Hotel & Spa


Hacienda Los Laureles Hotel & Spa is a good reason to visit Oaxaca, a colonial jewel in southern Mexico, with more than 450 years of post-Columbian and Spanish history, and more than 3,000 years of pre-Columbian art. History, well-preserved palaces and magnificent Baroque churches.


Catedral Restaurant 


Since its foundation in 1976, the Cathedral Restaurant has set the standard in quality. Its balance between innovation and authenticity is present in the best of Oaxacan and international food.


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